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Out Of Dust

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~ There Are Some Encounters You Just Can't Ignore ~

      David Christopher had not recovered from his feelings that he had failed his wife.  Longing to have reprieve from the constant reminders of her dying and death, he left everything and everyone familiar and tried to begin life over again...  Then, he met Catherine Chandler and knew he couldn't simply stand by and let things continue as she had known them.

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     Tess Gallagher came to Mountain Meadows Dude Ranch as a tourist... but the Owner of Mountain Meadows was soon asking himself what was she "really" looking for under Montana's "Big Sky"   ~   and would she find it?

          This veteran firefighter knew the count-down to the most unusual rescue of his life began the day he met Ashley.

    A Mystery ~ A troubled Marriage ~ Unexpected Love

    ~ But would it survive the truth? ~


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